Self-Care Challenge (Day 212): Being Proactive (Not Procrastinating)

orange glow of sunsetTime and time again, I’ve found it much easier to manage life’s demands by getting an early start, especially when the project or task is related to something that requires a significant amount of time or effort.

Sure, some people feel they are more creative when staring down a deadline, but, for me at least, procrastination creates unnecessary tension and stress.

I much prefer getting done early so I’m not constantly thinking about what I need to get done, or creating reminders on my calendar over and over again. That’s precisely why I chose to move forward with the written portion of an exam for a certification that I’m pursuing just a few days after completing the class. (The payoff? A score of 97%.) For me, this was self-care.

This is a perfect example of how being true to ourselves can support our health. When we know our preferences and work habits, we’re better suited to leverage our strengths and work with our natural tendencies. By not procrastinating, I honored myself and completed the task to the best of my abilities.

Do you lean toward procrastination or early action?

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