Self-Care Challenge (Day 237): Experimenting with Eggplant

colorful, mini bitter eggplants

As pretty as it may be to look at, I’ve never really liked eggplant.

I’m not clear on whether it’s the flavor or the texture, or a combination of the two, but whatever the reason I just don’t enjoy it.

So, when I came across the cutest little “bitter” eggplants at the farmers’ market, I couldn’t resist buying a handful. They were beautiful, and I told myself that they just had to be good!

I decided it would be an exercise in self-care to try something new, a bit of a rarity these days since I’m quite adventurous when it comes to food and it seems I’ve tried almost everything.

When I returned home I searched. And I searched. And I searched some more for recipes to experiment with this newfound variety, but nothing was coming up. Evidently, the bitter eggplant isn’t as common as I imagined, and it was challenging even to find images on Google.

The recipes I did come across called for LOTS of spices, like cumin, coriander, and cayenne. Clearly, there was a need to mask the bitterness.

First, I sliced and baked them, thinking that would help soften them a bit. Then, I tossed them into a medley of spices, garbanzo beans and diced tomatoes. I felt optimistic as the aromatic spices filled the kitchen; it smelled wonderful!

The verdict?

Still bitter.

My husband politely ate his, but I wasn’t as excited about mine. Alas, I’ve decided that some foods are prettier to look at. And they are really beautiful.

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