Self-Care Challenge (Day 242): Eating Tomatoes (off the vine)

colorful cherry tomatoes

There’s nothing like a warm, ripe tomato fresh from the vine. (Well, unless you happen to not like tomatoes, I guess.)

I can’t remember the first time I decided to pluck one and bite into it like an apple while standing in the garden, but I knew instantly that it wouldn’t be the last time. The sun-baked flavor experience was out of this world–unlike most blasé-tasting tomatoes commonly found in supermarkets these days.

Every year we’ve planted tomatoes without much success. Three hours isn’t a lot of sun, especially for tomatoes. But this year, we got more strategic and planted several in pots that we were able to move around as the sun changed its position in the sky from spring to summer. We didn’t get a significant harvest, but we did get a few sweet 100 cherry tomatoes–just enough to pick and munch while walking by.

In addition to being flavorful, tomatoes are real foods that contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Carotinoids, like lutein, are phytochemicals (plant chemicals) that offer protective health benefits not just to plants, but to humans too. It’s been estimated that a single tomato can contain as many as 10,000 different phytochemicals.

And if you don’t like tomatoes, no need to worry. Eggs and corn, along with a number of other foods, contain quite a bit of lutein as well.

What’s your favorite gardenside treat?


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