Self-Care Challenge (Day 253): Getting Acupuncture

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Getting poked full of needles might seem like a questionable way to spend a Friday afternoon, but that’s exactly what I did. Yesterday I received my first-ever acupuncture treatment as part of my 366 Days of Self-Care Challenge.

Did it help? The jury is still out.

Fortunately, needles don’t bother me. And even if they did, I couldn’t see much of anything lying face-down on the treatment table. Of the 22 needles that were placed I only felt about six of them go in. It wasn’t what I would call painful–the sensation was more like something between a pinch and a sting.

But the ones I did feel were in the exact areas that I had been experiencing the most discomfort. The body is an interesting machine indeed. In fact, those tender areas–my shoulder and lower back–were what brought me in for treatment in the first place.

My practitioner was amazing. She explained the procedure, asked me a few questions, gave me a chance to ask questions of my own, and got right to work.

The entire treatment took about 90 minutes. In my stillness, I oscillated between a feeling of relaxation and anxiety. Several times I felt myself drifting off, but then, perhaps realizing what was happening, my eyes jolted open and I felt myself breathing deeply.

While it didn’t exactly hurt, I could tell something was happening to me physically. I felt out of sorts immediately after rising from the table following the treatment. My senses were hyper-aware. My throat was dry. I had a headache. Lights seemed brighter. Sounds were more abrupt.

Whether or not those sensations were real or perceived, I have no idea. But I do know that my pain had subsided from the time I arrived to the time I left. The mild inflammation that had just been induced, along with the endorphins that were now circulating in my bloodstream, had taken the edge off.

I had to wait for several minutes in my car before I felt okay to drive. Perhaps my body was in a mild state of shock, clueless as to why I would willingly allow such a thing.

Nevertheless, it’s something I’ve always been curious about, and now I can cross it off my list.

What has been your experience with acupuncture?

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