Self-Care Challenge (Day 269): Packing a Mobile Emergency Kit

Lime green Mountainsmith zip bag with emergency supplies

As we ease into fall, I’m once again painfully aware of the looming colder temperatures and their potential to bring a variety of less than desirable travel scenarios.

While the weather conditions here are less severe than anywhere I’ve lived to date, road conditions do periodically create obstacles. With that in mind, I realized it was time to restock and reorganize my mobile emergency kit. There’s a certain amount of comfort in being prepared for the unexpected.

With Seattle’s notoriously damp climate, I always seem to have a collection of rain jackets hanging out in my backseat. But wouldn’t exactly help me if I had car trouble on a rural road at night.

It dawned on me recently that I didn’t even have a flashlight in the car, so assembling a mobile emergency kit seemed like a logical self-care activity.

A few basic essentials like a flashlight, water, a window scraper, first aid supplies, warm clothing–and if you wear contacts like me, perhaps even an extra pair of glasses–can fit easily into a small bag that can be tucked in the corner of the car.

The DMV offers this list for roadside emergency kits.

Staying warm, dry, hydrated and safe are basic tenets of survival. And creating a mobile emergency kit is such an easy thing to do–I packed mine in just 10 minutes.

How prepared are you for an emergencies?

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