Self-Care Challenge (Day 277): Moisturizing

vineyards at Coppola's Winery

On day 277 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I moisturized my parched skin. (I was not built for the desert.)

While the scenery over the past few days has been exceptionally beautiful, my skin has not been impressed. Despite constantly hydrating and applying (and reapplying) lotion in an attempt to keep it from crumbling the way Meryl Streep did in the movie Death Becomes Her, my skin had reached its limit.

It’s interesting that we have the ability to acclimate to our environment. Living in Austin for several years, I got used to the dry weather, and when we moved to the Pacific Northwest, I eventually settled into the wet climate (though I had to invest in a lot of rain gear).

But unfortunately, we don’t acclimate very quickly when we go on short trips.

By the time we were making our way home yesterday I lathered up with moisturizer every chance I got. My hands appreciated the extra love, though. They do a lot for me, so it seemed like a small gesture of gratitude.

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