Self-Care Challenge (Day 280): Being Negative

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On day 280 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I experimented with being negative as an act of self-care.

I’m not a huge fan of negativity. It just feels yucky, whether you’re on the giving or the receiving end of it.

But do you ever have those days where you just feel like you’re constantly switching gears and putting out fires? And all you feel is frustration about not accomplishing what you intended to when you woke up that morning?

Yesterday, a wave of negativity hit me as soon as I opened my eyes. The night before I had received some pretty disappointing news, and evidently it had lingered in my subconscious mind overnight. I’m pretty sure I had dreams about it as I didn’t feel rested at all, which probably only added to my sour mood.

But rather than resisting or fighting my negative feelings, I simply sat with them. I grumbled to myself about them. And it felt damn good. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to just embrace my emotions–to really feel them fully.

While a glass of lemonade would have been lovely, yesterday I just held onto the sour lemons.

Experiencing a negative mindset from time to time reminds me how I don’t want to feel. It helps me be more intentional about how I design my life, what I say “yes” to, and it also reminds me that being in stressful situations for long periods of time isn’t healthy.

It’s okay to sit with negativity from time to time, as long as we don’t let is consume us or linger on.

How do deal with being negative?

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