Self-Care Challenge (Day 283): Reading a Book

Live Your Life from the Front Seat book cover

I secretly wish that I was like Kim Basinger in the movie My Stepmother is an Alien with a supernatural ability to read an entire book in mere seconds simply by placing my arm in the center of its pages.

I’m a fast reader, but it seems like the more I read, the more books keep queuing up. At this very moment there are 10 books on my night stand, 6 books downloaded to my Kindle, and 32 books waiting patiently on my Amazon wishlist.

I’m a curious soul. What can I say?

Nevertheless, over the weekend I bought yet another book at the workshop I attended, and since I was in full recovery mode after the intensely social nature of the past couple of days, I decided to snuggle in beside a fire and read.

Live Your Life from the Front Seat (Amazon Associate Link) by Jessica Butts was quite the page turner. The premise that each of us is constantly reinventing ourselves is comforting (at least I’m not the only one who feels that way). In fact, life would seem pretty stifling if it were any other way.

I couldn’t help but smile as I read “you were meant to be a luminary,” since it aligns so well with my own thoughts about how we express our inner truth, or what I call the luminescent dimension of self-care.

Jessica also outlines a framework for how to best use our personality type, noting that we are living in the front seat when we’re using our strengths, and are confined to the back seat when we’re doing things that are a waste of our time and effort (also referred to as doing things we “suck” at).

Our driver is our best self, our most healthy self.

The key takeaway for me? It’s time to make my goals more specific. It’s time to get clear about what exactly I want to feel in my life and what I want to accomplish.

For me, reading and learning are critical components of my self-care practice, and I have an innate need to deepen my understanding of the world–and my place in it. Thankfully, the rainy season is here and there will be plenty of opportunities to curl up in a blanket and devour some great books.

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