Self-Care Challenge (Day 289): Setting a Deadline

Each of us has a different style when it comes to getting sh*t done.

For me, I need deadlines and a source of accountability. That’s part of the reason I hired a coach. When those to pieces coexist, more often than not I can deliver ahead of schedule. But when they’re missing, it’s a different story altogether.

With the impending inclement weather in the Seattle area, most people probably wouldn’t have chosen this weekend to complete a painting project. Without power, it would be nearly impossible to finish the job–or clean up the mess. At least not easily.

Nevertheless, I saw it as a challenge.

The task of painting my office had been staring me in the face for days (okay, maybe weeks), and I recently discovered that I actually had the paint I needed for the project on hand. But with the high wind advisory (and risk for power outages) predicted to begin around mid-afternoon, I would be cutting it close to get the job done.

But then it dawned on me that the impending weather might actually be a good thing. The deadline would nudge me to get started as early in the day as possible, and also push me to finish.

And guess what?

I finished three hours ahead of schedule.

In this instance, setting a deadline helped me accomplish a meaningful goal, and while it may seem like a relatively insignificant one, it has the potential to impact a lot of other areas of my life (which is precisely why I see it as self-care).

Which project have you been putting off? And how can you create a deadline to get it checked off once and for all?

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