Self-Care Challenge (Day 292): Cooking with Rosemary

Three sprigs of rosemary

I love aromatic herbs. Their scents are invigorating and nurturing to my soul in a way that’s indescribable.

I love when I’m surprised by a mysterious fragrance as I pass by a random plant, catching a hint of its essence. Sometimes it’s subtle; sometimes bold.

Recently, while walking with some friends out to our car, I stumbled and brushed up against a giant rosemary bush. The plant responded immediately to this intrusion by releasing a burst of its signature scented oil. I smiled as I breathed it in. Delightful.

But not everyone has the same reaction. Within moments of leaving the parking lot, our entire car was filled with the aroma of rosemary. And it wasn’t well-received by everyone.

Most of the time, though, I get to surround myself with the scents that bring me joy, and my self-care activity for the day involved cooking with rosemary: sweet potatoes sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and chopped rosemary, to be exact.

Even with just a couple of sprigs of rosemary, like the car, my kitchen became thick with the heavy scent of its unique aromatic oil.

While there is still some debate about whether there are significant health benefits associated with essential oils (extracts and supplements), there are certainly some benefits, even if they are subtle, when it comes to culinary uses.

After all, who can argue with its ability to enhance flavors and challenge the senses?


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