Self-Care Challenge (Day 298): Establishing a Morning Ritual

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I’ve always been a morning person–like, a 4 AM kind of morning person.

Even before my eyes are completely opened, I feel a sense of excitement about the projects I’m working on. But my early bird tendencies probably stem from a much earlier time in my life.

“You’re burning daylight!” my father would shout from the hallway just outside my room. Indeed, there was a never-ending list of chores that begged for my attention during the summers that I spent on my family’s farm, and getting a head start meant avoiding the sweltering heat of the midday sun.

But the other great thing about the early morning is that it’s quiet. I can think, read, plan, research, and write before the rest of the house is awake.

After designing my manifestation space a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been working on the next phase: establishing a morning ritual that helps me stay focused on my goals.

My morning ritual, which has become a core component of my self-care practice, is an uplifting series of tasks which include reviewing my goals, journaling, reading inspiring passages, and setting my agenda for the day. I’ve been experimenting with the flow of this ritual for the past couple of weeks, and I can say confidently now that it has become a routine.

I’ve already noticed a dramatic difference in how I feel. I am more focused, I feel clearer about my priorities, and I’m more driven than ever to accomplish my goals. I guess that isn’t so surprising since my goals have taken the center stage.

My morning ritual has also help me stay organized. Sitting down at my uncluttered desk each morning has been such a pleasant way to start they day. In fact, to make sure I’m able to experience this feeling every day, I’ve been making sure my desk is clear before I go to bed at night.

Which habits are the keys to your success?

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