Self-Care Challenge (Day 304): Organizing My Books

Stacks of books on the floor

On day 304 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I organized my books.

Books are my guilty pleasure. Except I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about my obsession with reading.

Among my top 5 Values in Action (VIA) Signature Strengths is “love of learning,” and books certainly fill that need for me, an introvert who prefers self-paced learning. I thrive in a contemplative state. That’s where when greatest ideas come.

For those two reasons alone, it’s easy to see how books have been taking up more and more space in my life over the years. I’ve tried thinning them down, but since I mostly read non-fiction I tend to re-read a lot of them, gaining new insights from my more recent life experiences that weren’t relevant earlier.

Plus, I’ve had to repurchase a handful of books I donated, only to realize that that I needed to cross-reference something or recall something I’d written in the margin.

And while I do have a Kindle, and enjoy the flexibility of being able to take multiple books on vacation without the added weight, I have a tendency to underline, highlight, and write in my books. I process words and information as I go, and often jot down questions or comments to refer to later.

So, after realizing that a stack of books was piling up on my office floor, yesterday I had to accept that it was time to buy another bookshelf.

Suffice it to say that the space feels much more organized now. The books are sorted and organized by topic, and now I can find what I need much more easily.

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