Self-Care Challenge (Day 305): Collaborating

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Collaboration is the act of working with another person toward a common goal; it’s a partnership of sorts. Sometimes it involves a large group of people, but sometimes it only involves one other person.

I met with a woman yesterday who is working on a project that is very similar to mine. She is building an online community that supports its membership in a positive, inspiring way.

Our meeting was serendipitous.

She hadn’t been looking for my website specifically, but ran across it accidentally, and when she noticed that we lived in cities adjacent to one another the next logical step was to reach out. And I’m so glad she did.

Our meeting left me feeling a sense of encouragement in a couple of different ways. For one, it validated that there is a need and interest in what I am doing. And second, it made me feel blessed to add yet another amazing, strong woman to my network of friends.

Over the past couple of months, as part of my self-care journey, I’ve pushed myself into some pretty uncomfortable situations. I am not what you might call a natural networker. I don’t love being around large groups of people. In fact, most of the time I have to talk myself out of staying home in my pajamas and reading a book instead of walking out the door.

But what I’ve learned is that EVERY SINGLE TIME I muster the courage to go, I am rewarded in some way. I’ve met some fantastic people who are working on interesting projects. I’ve listened to their positive words of encouragement and it has motivated me to continue moving forward with my own dreams. I’ve been inspired by their willingness to be vulnerable, and it has given me the courage to do the same.

The beautiful thing about collaboration is that it cannot happen alone. You cannot collaborate with yourself at home in your pajamas. You must be willing to have meaningful conversations with other people, to share your goals and dreams so that they can help you make them your reality.

When we surround ourselves with other people, we begin to understand the meaning of partnership, of supporting one another in a mutually beneficial way.

How do you collaborate?

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