Self-Care Challenge (Day 313): Sitting with Ambivalence

Lime green adirondack chairs

Have you ever come face to face with an enormous decision, but felt paralyzed and unable to choose between them?

Maybe you’re not ready to make a decision just yet because you’re still weighing the pros and cons. Or perhaps you know the answer, but you’re just too fearful to execute on your decision.

Whatever the root cause of the ambivalence, most of us have experienced it. And that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling since meeting with my new coach yesterday. (This is just one more example of why coaching is so beneficial.)

Having someone to serve as our impartial sounding board is critical to our personal growth. Coaches can repeat things they’ve heard us say–things we didn’t even realize we were thinking or feeling, much less saying out loud–helping us to think critically about what we really want.

Sometimes we come face to face with a decision we’ve always known we’d need to make at some point, and sometimes we’re completely caught off guard, not seeing until that very moment that an obvious decision has been trying to get our attention all along.

Sitting on the fence, in a state of ambivalence, can be useful–as long as we don’t stay there forever anyway.

For now, I shall sit and ponder, weighing the pros and cons until I arrive at a decision that is right for me.

What are you sitting on the fence about?

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