Self-Care Challenge (Day 316): Clearing My Calendar

While many of us thrive on having things planned in advance (you know who you are), sometimes life isn’t as predictable as we’d like to believe it is, and we don’t always know when we’ll “need a moment” to collect our thoughts, catch our breath, or assess our priorities.

Yesterday, after learning that one of my in-person appointments needed to reschedule, I decided to clear my calendar for the rest of the day. These unexpected openings often come when we need them the most, and I wanted to take advantage of the extra time I’d been given.

Having those few hours to finish up some things I hadn’t been able to make time for in recent weeks felt like a gift. It was the same when I worked in a corporate setting too. A meeting cancellation felt like winning the lottery, especially on those crazy days when there was barely enough time to use the restroom.

Whether you work for yourself, manage a small team, or lead a giant corporation, there will always be nonessential meetings and tasks that you can easily move (or cancel) if and when it becomes necessary.

When we’re honest with ourselves about what we need, and make adjustments to our schedule to get what we need, we’re practicing self-care.

Admittedly, planning ahead for catch-up time is essential–but that requires us to know ahead of time when we’ll need it.

Where can you clear some time on your calendar?


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