Self-Care Challenge (Day 328): Baking Pie

Whipped cream covered whisk

There’s something quite therapeutic about pie baking during the holidays. The aromas, the positive energy–it’s as if the pie itself is a harbinger of relaxation and gratitude for the good things in life. And with scents of cinnamon and vanilla lingering in the air, it’s hard not to melt into a smile no matter what your mood.

Perhaps it’s odd that I’ve chosen pie baking as a self-care activity. I mean, pie isn’t exactly what most people consider a health food. And while many have tried, it’s nearly impossible to make it a health food. Healthier versions are just okay, in my opinion. In fact, if I were personally managing a chronic condition like diabetes, I’d probably opt for a smaller portion of a traditional family recipe rather than a modified (low-calorie, low-fat,or low-sugar) version. The truth is, even the healthiest recipes are only slightly lower in fat, sugar and calories than the real deal.

By limiting the frequency of these treats, we become more appreciative of them. Homemade treats take time, planning, and a lot of love. From rolling out the crust, to getting the the texture of the filling just right, to baking it until the edges are golden, there’s quite a bit of time invested.

But to me, there’s a time and a place to enjoy sweet treats, and the holidays are definitely one of those times.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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