Self-Care Challenge (Day 331): Looking Up

highlighted message in a book

On day 331 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I practiced positivity.

Living a life that’s filled with positivity is unarguably more fulfilling than one consumed by negativity. (I haven’t met a person yet who disagrees.)

Looking upward, toward a positive future, has been my focus this year. I’ve been working diligently to create a self-care that keeps me strengthened and nourished, and I’ve been exploring a variety of new activities to better understand what exactly refills my cup.

When I came across a line in Jeff Olson’s book The Slight Edge (Amazon Associate Link) it made me pause and smile.

“…when looking down, it’s pretty hard not to start thinking about the past. When gazing upward, it’s pretty hard not to start thinking about the future.”

And at that moment, I began to consider where my thoughts linger the most. Am I focused on the past – those things that I wish would have turned out differently – or on the possibilities that still exist in my future?

The slight edge is related to our personal philosophy – our mindset.

Olson writes: “A positive philosophy turns into a positive attitude, which turns into positive actions, which turns into positive results, which turns into a positive lifestyle.

It’s a cascade effect.

When our personal philosophy is positive (focused on the future) we can’t help but be propelled forward – or upward as the case may be.

He also points out that while we cannot ignore our past, we can use it as a tool rather than a crutch. As much as we might like to use our disappointments as an excuse for inaction, dwelling on those moments won’t change them.

But we can change our future.

From a self-care standpoint, I wholeheartedly agree with Olson’s belief that “The healthier you are, the more life you experience,” and as I prepare to enter my fifth decade of life in 2017, I’ve come to realize just how important my health is. There is a lot I still want to accomplish in this lifetime, and I know that I’ll need good health to carry out my purpose.

Do you spend most of your time looking down or gazing upward?

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