Self-Care Challenge (Day 332): Doing Chores (Early)

A stack of folded towels

I like to get my least favorite tasks done early in the day. Whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, I tend to work at a fast pace to get the “need to do” chores checked off my list first, leaving me with more time to work on tasks that I am passionate about.

As an early riser (4:30 AM on most days), I begin my morning with a cup of coffee, a series of readings, journaling, and a quick mapping out of my day. But before jumping on the treadmill (so that no matter what happens as the crazy day progresses, I know I’ve at least gotten 60 minutes of physical activity in), I like to tackle a few chores: unloading the dishwasher, making the bed, folding laundry, vacuuming, taking out the trash—you get the picture. Those less-than-glamorous-but-need-to-get-done tasks.

I know there are differing philosophies on this. Many people have suggested that it’s better to tackle our most challenging tasks first. But let’s be honest, who am I going to call at 4 AM? Some tasks are just better suited for the start of the business day.

And as I consider what refills my cup, those activities that I purposely include in my self-care practice, I realized that ticking these little nagging chores off my list also clears my head. My creative mind is then free to jump into a project without periodically being reminded that I have a growing list of “things” to do.

Plus, knowing that I’ve accomplished a handful of tasks before 8 AM rolls around certainly doesn’t hurt. It provides a sort of mood boost that helps me build momentum for accomplishing other goals as well.

When is your optimal time for completing tasks that you don’t particularly love?

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