Self-Care Challenge (Day 336): Warming Up

serene lake in Florida

On day 336 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I hopped a flight to Florida to warm my bones.

As Seattle’s wintry weather slowly continues to creep in, a sunny getaway to visit with family between the holidays seemed like a really good idea.

The last time I visited in the early spring, Florida was smack in the middle of a cold snap, and it was colder there than it was at home. I had high hopes for this trip though.

Sunshine is minimal at best this time of year in the Pacific northwest, and while the darkness doesn’t usually bother me that much (I always seem to have indoor projects to keep me busy), it does take a toll after several months of it. By the time February rolls around I’m ready to see the sun, since it doesn’t usually appear again until around April.

For that reason, we’ve had to learn to be more strategic about our vacation plans. Taking periodic breaks, even if it’s just a day trip over the Cascade mountains, can make a world of difference.

Above the clouds on our plane, the sun was so bright it was blinding. Even with the shades drawn, the sun was doing its best to brighten the cabin through the cracks. The flight was filled with the chatter of children who were clearly excited about their trips to Disney World. I had to chuckle when I overheard one conversation from the seat behind me:

Grandmother: “You’d better take a nap or you’ll be asleep when it’s time to go to Disney World.”

Granddaughter: “No way…I’ll be up at like 3 a.m., lady!”

Needless to say, there was a lot of energy on that flight, and it reminded me that the sun has a way of transferring its energy to us all.

Thinking back to the many states, countries, and climates I’ve lived in or visited over the years reminded me that life is very different depending on where you are around the globe. Varying climates determine the kind of clothes we wear, how much time we spend outside, the type of foods we crave, and even the music we listen to. It’s so interesting how a slight change in temperature can alter our behaviors so much.

Indeed, warming up under the sun’s bright, therapeutic energy was exactly what I needed to head into the holiday season.

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