Self-Care Challenge (Day 337): Learning to Knit

Blue mohair knitted scarf

Several years ago, I taught myself how to crochet by watching a series of YouTube videos. Of course I made a lot of mistakes, ripping back more stitches than I was accumulating, but the process of learning is personally rewarding for me. One of my primary VIA signature strengths is “the love of learning,” so it’s easy to see why my curiosity is rarely quenched. I’m always learning something.

Yesterday, my mom and I visited one of her favorite yarn shops in Gainsville, FL. As I was perusing the endless shelves of colorful yarns, a delicate little scarf that was hanging near a display caught my attention.

I instantly knew it was time to learn to knit.

As a crocheter, I’m almost always in the minority. Whenever I visit a group of fellow yarn-lovers, there are rarely any crocheters represented. (In some ways, I’ve always felt that we are the step-children of the craft, but I love it nevertheless.)

It’s hard to explain what it is about yarn work that makes my soul smile. Maybe it’s the repetition that I love the most, giving my mind a rest by focusing on a single task. Or perhaps it’s the look and feel of the beautiful yarn textures that is so appealing. But maybe it’s simply the satisfaction I feel when I see a finished product. Whatever the reason, it’s a hobby that also happens to serve a purpose since it typically results in a warm, fuzzy accessory that can be used as a gift or for personal use.

What’s your learning process like? Do you consider it an act of self-care–something that refills your cup–or does learning feel like work for you?

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