Self-Care Challenge (Day 340): Driving Slowly

snow-covered Tiger Mountain

After admiring the snowflakes the day before, the reality of snow-covered roads sunk in as I left the house for an early morning appointment. It’s not that common for the roads to be covered out here, which means road crews aren’t able to handle large-scale weather situations.

In regions that don’t experience snow and ice regularly, drivers panic when it does happen. Soon after moving to the area, we were told to “just stay home” if it snows. Evidently the roads turn into slip n slides, and it’s not worth the inconvenience and cost of having to file an insurance claim.

Our first year living here we had some pretty significant snowfall, and I remember sliding all the way to the bottom of my driveway (which is one of the reasons raking leaves was an important preventive self-care activity last month.) Fortunately, I stopped short of sliding through the guard rail and into the house across the street before I got there. It was still pretty scary.

Needless to say, I was not looking forward to my drive into town during the morning rush hour. But with self-care at the forefront of my mind, I did what I needed to do to minimize risks.

I left early (a full 45 minutes early, in fact) and drove slowly. The extra time allowed me to be more cautious rather than taking unnecessary risks to avoid being late. And knowing how to respond to a slide helps too. (Though I’m not going to tell you how I learned this since it involves rear-ending a car and helping the owner put his bumper in the trunk.)

Leaving early and driving slowly got me to my appointment 30 minutes early, which gave me a few extra minutes to read. Nice!

It’s certainly not a glamorous act of self-care, but slowing down definitely has its benefits.

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