Self-Care Challenge (Day 343): Moving Forward

a road that runs between two small hills

On day 343 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I made the decision to move forward.

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed (or perhaps even paralyzed) by the number of possible life paths you could take? And then instead of making a decision to move forward, you expend all of your time and energy weighing the pros and cons and analyzing possible outcomes?

Yep. I know the feeling.

Yesterday, the lyrics to Paula Abdul’s popular 80’s song Opposites Attract played on repeat in my head as I grasped the full reality of what I’ve been doing: taking two steps forward and then hopping right back to where I started. This back and forth hem-hawing has been going on for weeks.

But something Myers-Briggs expert Jessica Butts said recently really made me think: “There are no wrong choices.” (Barring choices that are illegal or immoral, of course.)

Those five words reminded me that not making a decision is still making a decision. Making a decision to keep doing what you’re doing is still a choice.

To move forward we must take the first step. And taking that first (or second or third or fourth) step requires us to make a choice to do so. A choice to let go of something. A choice to bring something new into our life. A choice to take a risk. A choice to try something new.

And to be clear, moving forward isn’t comfortable. It requires us to remain open to what’s next, and that can be scary, especially for those of us who like to know what’s next ahead of time. That just isn’t how life works in most cases.

Yesterday, as my self-care activity for the day, I made a commitment to myself to move forward with something that I’ve been contemplating for a long time.

What choice will you make today to move forward?

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