Self-Care Challenge (Day 344): Having Faith

A "faith" light catcher created by Jeni Dahn

On day 344 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I cultivated faith.

Yesterday evening, I attended a holiday party where several vendors were selling some handmade items. As I made my way over to Jeni Dahn’s table, I was immediately taken in by her light catchers.

I carefully studied the many styles, colors, and bead combinations, which were thoughtfully chosen for each of the designs. Each had a name, along with a blessing to describe its meaning. While all of them were beautiful in their own way, one of them in particular spoke to me. It drew me in even before I read its name or description.

Sensing that I had questions, Jeni approached me to share more about her creations. I listened intently as she described her process for creating them, giving them a name only after they were complete, and only after asking them what they want to be called.

The name of the one I selected was FAITH, and it came with the following blessing:

Walk in Faith!
You may walk in Faith or walk in Fear
But you can’t walk in them at the same time.
Walk in Faith!
Trusting the universe will hold you
FAITH is a choice.

I didn’t understand it at the time (in fact, I was struggling to understand why faith felt so significant for me), but when I unwrapped it later I smiled, realizing just how symbolic my selection was. Not only is this piece a beautiful addition to my office space, the wing also represents my intention to remain open this year. It reflects my love of nature along with my desire to feel uplifted.

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