Self-Care Challenge (Day 346): Staying in My Jammies

When was the last time you stayed at home in your pajamas all day?

For me it was yesterday.

Knowing that I didn’t have to leave the house for anything, I decided to stay snug in my jammies for the remainder of the day. Why? Because I wanted to. And, well, also because I could.

I was already deep in relaxation mode after making zero plans the day before, and soon realized that I had nothing to get ready for–no obligations outside of preparing meals. And it was heavenly.

I like to schedule event-free weekends at least once a quarter, if I can. It’s a fantastic way to recover from life’s busyness, and the holiday season is an especially great time for a “no plans” weekend.

Quiet. A warm fire. Movies. Books. Tea. Cozy pajamas. Self-care.

Yes, I do believe I will.

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