Self-Care Challenge (Day 351): Calling in the Professionals

hot water heater

Every homeowner knows that repairs and maintenance are part of the deal. It’s an inescapable reality. They almost always come when you least expect them, and, for whatever reason, repairs tend to come in threes.

Our hot water heater is on its last leg. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. There’s no apparent rhyme or reason–but, then again, it is 12 years old. (That’s pretty old in hot water heater years.) So it’s not all that surprising that it decided to stop working just days before a major holiday.

With laundry piling up, and after reading the manual to be sure we hadn’t missed any DIY options, we bit the bullet and called in a professional.

I knew it would have to be replaced, but I wasn’t at all prepared for the enormous estimate that stared back at me from the duplicate form the technician handed me. Um, okay.

Whether it’s our home, or anything that involves our basic needs, being prepared for the unexpected is a solid preventive health strategy.

Imagine for a moment that you need a new hot water heater, but you aren’t prepared for the costly repair. The stress sets in. You can’t sleep. You’re worried about how you’ll pay for it and what you’ll have to give up to pay for the repair. And now imagine that you’re faced with an expensive repair, but you have some money socked away “just in case” something like this happens. You very little, if any, stress. You simply make a transaction and begin rebuilding your emergency fund.

While it does take some time to get to the latter scenario, it is beyond worth it.

Sometimes we have to call in the professionals. Whether it’s a coach, a financial adviser, or a health professional, sometimes we forget that delegating is a healthier choice than trying to do it all on our own.


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