Self-Care Challenge (Day 357): Having Coffee with a Friend

heart-shaped froth on a cappucino

You know how sometimes you meet someone and think you’d like to get to know them better, but then time gets away from you and it just doesn’t happen?

Yes, time. That elusive and somewhat imaginary concept that keeps all of us on our toes. There never seems to be enough time for doing the things we want to do, for getting together with friends and family. (Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.)

The truth is that we make time for what’s important to us. Whether it’s social media, art, music, or visits with friends, if it’s truly important–if it brings us joy–then we usually find the time.

Thankfully, Facebook (despite all of its flaws and irritations) does make it pretty easy to reconnect with old friends. A quick search can revive a friendship in matter of minutes. And that’s exactly what it did for me recently.

Yesterday, I met a friend for coffee as my self-care activity for the day. It had been more than a year since we had seen each other, but in just a few clicks we had a coffee visit set up.

It reminded me just how important it is to stay in touch with friends, no matter how long we’ve known each other. People tend to come into our lives for a reason, and it’s up to us to stop and share and figure out what that reason is.

Is there someone you need to reconnect with?

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