Self-Care Challenge (Day 366): Reflecting on My Year of Self-Care

blue-green lake with mountains in the distance

On day 366 of my 366-day self-care challenge — the final day — I reflected on my year of self-care.

This year has been full in so many ways.

Full of challenges, love, experiences, surprises, disappointments, celebrations, gratitude, positivity, loss, and accomplishments.

And my self-care experiences have refilled my soul numerous times.

Yesterday, the 366th and final day of 2016, I spent some time reading my blog entries over the past year. It’s hard to believe the 366 Days of Self-Care Challenge has finally come to a close.

As you might guess, the experience has been a mixed bag, filled with ups and downs and twists and turns. Almost none of what I set out to do played out as I expected.

Surprisingly, I only repeated three activities (two of them unbeknownst to me at the time): being, snacking, and staying open. And I noticed some patterns emerge as I re-read each post, reliving my year of self-care: I read books (a LOT of books). I spent time outside, hiking, gardening, and sitting in my swing. I traveled, learned new things, and explored new aspects of my creativity.

At first, the challenge seemed easy. I started with the more popular activities: manicures, pedicures, getting enough sleep, etc. But as time went on, it became more difficult to come up with unique ideas – and even more challenging to blog consistently every single day (not to mention snap a photo or two).

Even so, looking back I don’t think I would change a thing. I learned more about myself in 2016 than any other year of my life, and I’m preparing to 2017 with a clearer understanding of what truly restores me.

I feel much more equipped to manage life’s ups and downs and celebrate the beautiful moments.

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