Self-Care Challenge (Day 93): Walking the dog(s)

On day 93 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I worked in a little exercise while walking the dogs.

As I shared a couple of weeks ago, we recently had to say goodbye to one of our beloved pets. As our family adjusts, it’s becoming apparent that our other two dogs have experienced some changes as well.

For months, because we were caring for our ailing pet, the others didn’t get as much attention. We didn’t go for walks because that would have meant we’d have to leave our ill pet at home, and being alone caused her quite a bit of anxiety.

Because of this, we’ve noticed how out of shape the other dogs have gotten (people aren’t the only ones who can become deconditioned with inactivity), and now we’ve resumed our walking routines.

Walking the dogs may not seem like self-care on the surface, but what makes this kind of activity special is that sometimes when we care for other living things, we simultaneously care for ourselves. My husband and I also benefit from the walks: Being outdoors, moving our bodies, and caring for other living things.

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