Self-Care Challenge (Day 94): Taking a Nap

NappingTaking a nap, whether it’s just 20 minutes or several hours in duration, can dramatically improve mental acuity. Studies have shown that napping enhances declarative memory, our ability to recall facts.

Rest is integral to our systemic health, and while getting adequate sleep provides the greatest benefits, napping is a close runner up.

Our body is good at telling us what it needs; we’re just not great at listening. Several months ago, during the savasana pose of a yoga class, one of the attendees fell asleep. The instructor’s response? “That must have been what your body needed.” 

Yesterday afternoon, I felt exhausted and decided to indulge in a short nap. After just 30 minutes I felt like a new person again, and I was able to pick right back up where I left off on several projects that required my full attention. Had I tried to continue without resting, I’m sure I wouldn’t have made as much progress.

We often take rest for granted, but it’s pretty powerful stuff.

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