Self-Care Challenge (Day 96): Writing a Book

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On day 96 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I checked off one of my bucket list items by writing a book.

The desire to write a book has been staring back at me from my bucket list for years. The problem? I could never seem to narrow my focus. I was interested in too many things. And for most of my life, like so many others, I’ve been plagued (or blessed) with having too many ideas.

Sometimes that’s an asset. Being able to brainstorm creative ideas definitely has its benefits, especially when you’re trying to solve a problem, but having too many ideas can also be paralyzing.

And sometimes doing nothing is just easier — like NOT writing a book.

When I decided it was time to finally write the book, I started with a mind map. This allowed me to cluster all of my ideas to find the connections between them. This, along with several other methods, eventually helped me find clarity — not only for the book, but also for my life and my business.

Throughout the writing process, I started to notice things I liked and didn’t like about other books I’ve read, and I began studying the writing styles of other authors I admire. (Stephen King’s book On Writing* is amazing!)

The writing process was exhilarating, frustrating, and liberating all at the same time. There were some weeks when I made more progress than others, and eventually I started to notice little notes I’d written to myself like, “Finish the damn book already!”

I was dragging my feet.

Quite honestly, I could have continued the writing process for the rest of my life. Many authors do. It’s what perfectionists do.

It would have been easier to simply continue revising the manuscript forever – anything would have been easier than finishing it, if I’m being completely honest. But at some point, I realized that even books have an enough threshold. There comes a time when we must say we’ve done enough to call a project complete.

I consider writing that book a self-care experience because it created an outlet for me to express my truth. It allowed me to put my thoughts, ideas, values, beliefs, and personality into words, and it reminded me that anything truly is possible when we’re willing to put forth the effort.

My book, Uppward: A Self-Care System for Purposeful Living*, was written to help readers reclaim ownership of their health. Investing time in ourselves to develop a personal self-care practice enables us to make greater contributions to our families and communities.

What are your audacious bucket list items? When are you going to write your damn book already?

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