Self-Care Challenge (Day 97): Calming Down

Front Yard OasisFor those who have ever self-published a book, you’ll identify with this post.

After weeks and months of writing, and after proofreading until my eyes were nearly bleeding, I entered the final stretch: the publishing process. I say “process,” because self-publishers don’t just send their manuscript off to a magical wizard or click a button to upload a file. Sure, there are wizard-like companies out there, but they often come with a hefty price tag of nearly 10k. (I know, because I checked.)

The “process” primarily consists of formatting. Lots and lots of formatting. Depending on where you decide to publish, there are varying options and requirements to consider: image size, color, image type, trim size, headers, footers, front cover design, back cover design, page breaks, page numbers and the list goes on.

I consider myself relatively proficient in Microsoft Word, but for the first time in my life I discovered new formatting options that I didn’t even know existed. Eventually, I was adding section breaks and inserting headers like a boss.

And then it happened.

Something went very, very wrong. Headings weren’t consistent. Page numbers were off. This was especially disconcerting because I had been up since 4 AM working on it, and the current time was 3 PM. Cue in the profanity. 

I had worked myself into a serious tizzy, but I knew that state of mind would get me nowhere. So…I went outside. I sat in my swing. I ate a snack. I took some deep breaths. And then I convinced myself that calming down was my only hope for figuring out a solution. And I did. Separating ourselves from our emotions is the best way to solve problems. 

How do you find your calm?

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