Self-Care Mastery Program  $349

As part of the 3-month Self-Care Mastery Program experience, you’ll design a personalized self-care plan using Living Upp’s 8-Dimensional Self-Care system. Here, you’ll receive the support, guidance, and accountability you need to make your well-being a priority and live up to your highest potential.

Is it time for a lifestyle redesign?

  • You’re exhausted by all the things you’ve said “yes” to
  • You know you need to take good care of yourself to show up fully for others, but you don’t know where to begin
  • Life often feels chaotic and disorganized
  • You crave simplicity, peace, and joy

This simple, yet powerful program will show you how to invest your time and energy in the areas of your life that bring you the greatest results.

Once enrolled, you’ll receive (via email) the downloadable Mastery Manual and an 8-day video series that introduces the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care. A few days later, you’ll receive a copy of The Self-Care Planner (via snail mail) so you can begin applying what you learn right away.

Next, we’ll schedule your 60-minute private coaching call to complete the Self-Care Assessment, which highlights the areas of your life you’re supporting well, along with those that hold potential for growth. This will help you prioritize your focus areas so you can invest your time and energy more efficiently.

As a Mastery member, you’ll become part of a private community, where you’ll be supported and encouraged by others who are on a similar journey.

By consistently practicing self-care, you’ll be able to manage stress more effectively, establish and maintain healthy boundaries, move through life’s heavy moments more quickly and easily, show up more fully for those you love, and potentially even reduce healthcare costs.

The Self-Care Mastery Program Includes:

Private Coaching
To get started, we’ll schedule a 60-minute phone call where we’ll complete the Self-Care Assessment together. This will help you identify which self-care dimensions you’re supporting well, and which areas might need more of your attention and energy. This personalized session will help you prioritize the areas that matter most to you.

Supportive Community
Over the course of this yearlong program, you’ll be invited to be part of a closed Facebook community of individuals who are on a similar self-care journey. In this safe, nonjudgmental space you can celebrate your successes, get support and encouragement, and find resources to help you overcome challenges. You’ll also have access to training videos, worksheets, and other resources.

In addition to the 8-Day video series and the 8-Week eCourse, you’ll get additional self-care training on each of the 8 Dimensions to help you craft your own self-care practice. This is where I get real and share some of my personal experiences with self-care. Recordings are available in the online community if you can’t make it to the live training.

Self-Care Toolkit
Once enrolled, you’ll receive (via email) the downloadable Self-Care Mastery Manual, along with a copy of The Self-Care Planner (sent via snail mail) so you can begin applying what you learn right away.

“Just a big THANK YOU, Stacy. This was such a treat…I thought I had the self-care area of my life handled. I love what came up and how you were able to help direct me with powerful questions. I really enjoyed the experience and got a lot out of it.” – Coaching Client