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The Self-Care Starter Kit is designed to help you build a strong self-care foundation.

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All the guidance you need to begin creating a personalized self-care practice that supports your unique needs and priorities.

With the Self-Care Starter Kit, you'll have the tools to assess your life on a more holistic level, so you can take the necessary steps to bring more balance into your life. 

The kit will guide you through the process of examining key areas of your life, so you can develop a targeted plan to support your most pressing needs right now.

If you've been putting yourself at the bottom of your to-do list for too long!

Now's your chance to do life differently. 

Here's what the Self-Care Starter Kit Includes:

  • workbook to help you assess each of the 8 dimensions of your life
  • Training videos to help you understand how to use LivingUpp's 8-dimensional self-care framework
  • FREE access to the LivingUpp 8-day Self-Care Challenge
  • Ideas for self-care strategies that address each of the 8 key areas of your life
  • Sample pages from The Lifestyle Design Planner
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8-Day Self-Care Challenge

Expand your self-care practice by exploring the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care on a deeper level. 

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Learning Modules

You'll be guided through a series of eleven self-care learning modules, where you'll be shown how to enlist new strategies to strengthen each area of your life. 

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Planner Pages

Organize your self-care strategies by downloading FREE sample pages from The Lifestyle Design Planner.

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