Slow Air

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s experienced this: you’re driving along thinking about cream cheese, or some other random thing, when suddenly a song comes on the radio that grips your heart so tightly you nearly veer off the road wondering what the hell just happened.

It’s not just me, is it?

As I was driving through Seattle on Sunday, I was mesmerized by The Message, a song from the latest Still Corners album called Slow Air. It’s about leaving a relationship abruptly and then hitting the open highway — something I happen to know a thing or two about. See, this isn’t exactly the first time I’ve made a quick getaway. Evidently, it’s what I do when I’ve reached my limit.

I once left a relationship in the middle of the night. I woke up, had the sudden realization that I wasn’t supposed to be there anymore, left his key on the table, and drove away.

Gone. Gone. Gone.

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But the song that really spoke to my soul was from one of their earlier albums, which I discovered while waiting around (quite impatiently) for the new album release, called The Trip. That little slice of heaven has been on repeat more times than I can count this week, simply because it makes me smile.

In many ways, this journey — this trip — really is keeping my soul alive.

Having something to look forward to has been the single most important tool in my self-care toolbox these past few weeks. I’ve learned that having something positive on the horizon can be the difference between getting out of bed and laying there wondering why I should bother.

Sure, music can be used as a distraction, but it can also be healing. Songs remind us that many, many, many people share our stories. We’re not alone. Others have been where we are, and that gives us hope that everything will be okay…eventually.

Because, the truth is, we’re exactly where we need to be at all times. Right here. Right now. It’s where we’re supposed to be because it’s where we are.

Endings, whether it’s due to death or a change in life circumstance, offer us an opportunity to look inward and be honest about whether we’re living in alignment with our truth. It allows us to slam on the brakes and truly examine our behaviors to see if we’re investing our time and energy wisely. And it helps us come to terms with our own role in how our life plays out.

Are your choices helping you create a beautiful life? Or, are they getting in the way of it? That’s a question we must all answer for ourselves.

In the meantime, best wishes with finding your soul song(s).

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