There are a number of ways you can get started with designing a personalized self-care practice. Which option is the best fit for you?

Self-Care Mastery Program

The yearlong Self-Care Mastery Program is based on Living Upp’s 8-Dimensional system, which was developed to help you create, implement, and maintain supportive self-care strategies that bring more balance to your life. This simple, yet powerful program will show you how to invest your time and energy wisely so you can live up to your highest potential.

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8-Week Self-Care eCourse

The LIVE 8-Week Self-Care eCourse is designed to help you explore the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care so you can create a self-care practice that helps you live up to your highest potential.

*Self-Care Mastery Program members are invited to attend at NO COST*

Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll learn how to assess your current self-care habits, identify and prioritize your unique needs, and use your time and energy more efficiently and effectively. Sessions will be delivered LIVE via Zoom (dial-in option also available), and recordings will be accessible within a private Facebook group. By the end of the eCourse, you’ll be able to create a comprehensive self-care practice that helps you live with more ease and balance.

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Self-Care Starter Kit

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The Self-Care Planner by Stacy Fisher-GunnThe Self-Care Planner

Are you looking for a planner that can help you manage your personal and professional life all in one place? This beautiful life organizer was designed to help you establish and maintain an uplifting self-care practice that enables you to live up to your highest potential. Using Living Upp’s 8-dimensional self-care framework, you’ll learn how to identify where to best invest your time and energy within each of the eight unique dimensions of your life: Systemic, Emotive, Luminescent, Financial, Cognitive, Aptitudinal, Relational, and Environmental, and accomplish your goals without sacrificing your health in the process

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8-Day Living Upp Self-Care Challenge8-Day Self-Care Challenge

The 8-Day Living Upp Self-Care Challenge is a self-paced training series designed to help you examine your current self-care habits and begin developing a personal practice that fully supports you. Each day of the challenge, a new training video will be delivered to your inbox, and you’ll have an opportunity to explore each of the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care through a daily challenge.

Learn more about the Living Upp 8-Day Self-Care Challenge here.

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