Do you want to live with more ease and better health?

The Lifestyle Design process involves getting clear about how you want to experience your life and then creating the conditions to manifest it. Get started today by choosing from the options below or booking a FREE strategy call with Stacy.

Lifestyle Design Accelerator
The Lifestyle Design Accelerator is a full day of private coaching with Stacy Fisher, a registered dietitian and lifestyle coach, where you’ll create a personalized lifestyle plan you can begin living right away. $1,297
Lifestyle Design Studio
The Lifestyle Design Studio is an online community for overfunctioning introverts who are ready to make a serious commitment to their health. $27/month
Self-Care Starter Kit
The Self-Care Starter Kit is designed for independent learners who prefer self-paced learning and have no problem staying accountable to their goals. $97
The Self-Care Planner
The Self-Care Planner is designed to help you manage and organize your personal AND professional goals all in one place. $29
Take the 8-Day Self-Care Challenge and begin designing a self-care practice that helps you live with more ease and better health. FREE
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