Self-Care is Multidimensional

Stacy Fisher-Gunn's article on self-care in The Costco Connection

On the final day of 2016, my heart was filled with joy when an article that I wrote several months ago stared back at me from page 63 of the January edition of The Costco Connection!

What an honor!

I am incredibly humbled and eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to share this message of self-care with millions of readers across the country. Self-care is a powerful, yet often underutilized, tool. It’s a preventive health strategy that involves actions and behaviors that improve, restore, and maintain good health.

The truth is, we must love and care for ourselves first before we can fully love and care for others. When we’re healthy, we have more to give. It’s that simple.

Self-care is multidimensional…and personal. What refills your cup may not refill mine, which means that each of us must explore a variety of activities to build a restorative self-care practice that is right for us.

The 8 Dimensions of Self-Care:8 Dimensions of Self-Care

Systemic – How we eat, move and rest
Emotive – How we express ourselves
Luminescent – How we illuminate our inner truth
Financial – How we allocate our resources
Cognitive – How we think
Aptitudinal – How we contribute to the world
Relational – How we connect with others
Environmental – How we harmonize with nature

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