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The LivingUpp™ Lifestyle Design Studio is an online gathering place for overfunctioning introverts who want to live with more ease and better health. 

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Come join us...

Are you an introvert who craves connection but also relishes solitude? 

Do you need accountability to take action on your goals?

Are you an overfunctioner

Do you know something needs to change but aren't sure where to start?

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Weekly Challenges

Explore new self-care strategies by participating in weekly self-care challenges issued in the private Facebook group.

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Self-Care Training Library

Expand your knowledge of the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care in the members' library, where you'll find videos, past call recordings, worksheets and other resources.

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Monthly Self-Care Retreats

Stay accountable to your goals by mapping out an action plan each month during our monthly self-care retreats. 

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Start Designing Today


Member Benefits

  • Private Community
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Live Monthly Planning Retreats
  • Self-Study Library

All The Tools You Need To Design an Easier, Healthier Life

As a member of the Studio, you'll get the encouragement and support you need to start doing life differently. 

Here are just a few of the areas you might choose to work on in the Studio...

Establish a personal brand. Do you have a personal brand? I often describe mine as “champagne & chickens” because that’s what best reflects my personality and values. Personal brands serve as a decision-making guide, both in your personal and professional life, and help you show up in the world more authentically on a consistent basis.

Develop a self-care practice. Are you leveraging self-care to ensure you’re functioning at your highest potential? If you want to avoid burnout and stay in service to others, self-care needs to be at the top of your to-do list.

Create a strong support network. Building a supportive inner circle is essential for good health. And when you’re living your personal brand, you’ll naturally attract the people who “get you” and repel those who aren’t. (Not necessarily a bad thing, right?)

Set (and honor) healthy boundaries. Do you have a tendency to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes your way? And, if so, do you sometimes feel resentful about it later? Having clear boundaries helps you know when to say yes to and how to say no. Learn how to protect your boundaries by saying no gracefully and resist the “urge” to fix other people. Every interaction you have with others is teaching them how to treat you.

Create financial harmony. When it comes to money, do you know the answer to this question: how much is enough? What’s your number? How much exactly do you need each month to support the lifestyle you want to live? Pssst…the answer isn’t “more” – it’s a real number.

Know your strengths and use them more consistently. When you know what your unique gifts, talents, and strengths are, you can find ways to use them more consistently in your daily life.

Create sacred spaces. Uncover what you need to do your best work and learn how to create personal spaces that make you feel good.

Establish daily rituals. Create daily rituals that keep you grounded and focused.

Cultivate a positive mindset. Learn how to manage your mindset by cultivating gratitude and strengthening your manifestation skills.

Nourish your body with health-giving food. Develop a personal eating style that reflects your beliefs and values and simplify the meal planning process.

Get restful sleep. Give your body sufficient time to recover from the demands you place on it every day.

Manage emotional triggers. Learn the art of responding rather than reacting, and limit exposure to your triggers.

Be efficient with your time. Work smarter, not harder. Simplify daily tasks, delegate what you can, and eliminate what isn’t essential.

Build resiliency. Develop a self-care survival plan that helps you bounce back from life’s unexpected curve balls and disappointments.

Become a curious problem-solver. Learn how to brainstorm to solve problems quickly and easily.

Prioritize your needs. Know what needs your attention right now, and what can wait.

Set meaningful goals. Get clear about what you want to do, have, be and feel, and create goals that lead you there.

Be more adventurous. Stop saving all the good stuff for later and start going on more adventures now.

People just like you join the Lifestyle Design Studio to gain the motivation and self-confidence they need to make lasting, healthy lifestyle changes. 

Still have questions? Let's chat.


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