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Choose Joy with Rebecca Butler

woman doing yoga poses

In this Conversations with Smart People interview, prepared to be inspired by Rebecca Butler’s optimism, positive energy, and candor. Choose Joy! is Rebecca’s personal mantra – and one that is certainly contagious. Some might argue that joy is a lot like love. It isn’t something that just happens on its own, at least not consistently. It’s […]

Modern Lifestyle Redesign with Jefre Outlaw

Lifestyle redesign is such an intriguing topic, and Jefre Outlaw is without a doubt leading this concept by example. If you are ready to start living with intent, then you’ll definitely want to read about his journey. Q: What prompted you to embrace the concept of modern lifestyle redesign, which eventually allowed you to realize […]

On Sabbatical with Bill Hendricks

Thinking of quitting your job? Well maybe you should. Bill Hendricks has done the impossible – twice now, in fact. Intentionally unemployed as a thirty-something – really? Yes, and we could all learn a few lessons from his experiences too. Whether you call it a sabbatical or a mini-retirement, taking a break from employment can […]