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Are You a Misunderstood Martyr?

Stephanie Myer, the Martyr Coach

In this episode of Conversations with Smart People, I interviewed Stephanie Myer, The Martyr Coach, to better understand what it means to be a martyr. It’s a label that carries a lot of judgment. As Myer describes on her website, “Martyrs can be put down, eye-rolled and snickered at. We’re seen as melodramatic, self-imposed victims […]

Self-Care Challenge (Day 31): Doing The Work with Byron Katie

Byron Katie presenting

On day 31 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I attended one of the most mind-bending workshops of my entire life…and that’s when I began doing the work. A Method of Inquiry Byron Katie developed The Work, a unique method of inquiry, during her “ten-year-long downward spiral” into depression. Through that experience, she discovered that her […]