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Self-Care Challenge (Day 4): Walking in the Woods

Sunlight peeking through the trees

On day 4 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored walking in the woods. Being outside has always been a revitalizing treat for my soul. Somehow, being reminded of my smallness beneath the towering trees really puts the world into perspective. It feels like something between humility and enchantment, and it often leads me to wonder What did […]

The Tent City Next Door

a green and white tent beneath the trees

It’s impossible not to notice Seattle’s vibrant homeless communities, sometimes referred to as a tent city. I visited one recently and it was a powerfully positive experience. The reason for my visit was primarily to gain a better understanding of the needs, challenges, and living conditions of tent city residents; but, perhaps more importantly, to […]

A Permaculture Oasis: Visiting the Bullock’s Homestead

root cellar with wooden door

There’s something very special about the San Juan Islands in Washington State, and it’s no accident that it’s also where the Bullock’s chose to plant their roots. The Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead on Orcas Island is evidence that human beings are capable of great things. A few years ago, I spent a weekend at the Bullock’s […]

Book Club Discussion: Unprocessed by Megan Kimble

colorful carrots from the farmers' market in issaquah

What’s your definition of processed food? The word itself has developed quite the reputation, and not in a good way either. Even so, the definition is ambiguous at best. At this month’s Living Upp Book Club meeting, we discussed Megan Kimble’s book Unprocessed. But before I dive into the recap of our discussion, let’s take a gander […]

Book Club Discussion: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

a road that runs between two small hills

This month, the LivingUpp Book Club met to discuss the book Man’s Search for Meaning* by Viktor Frankl. Since it was one of the most intense books we’ve ever discussed in our group, I had no idea what to expect. Suffice it to say that the insights and perspectives that were expressed throughout our discussion made […]