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Nutrient Declines in U.S. Produce (and What to Do About It)

Bright green curly lettuce

Over the past 50 to 70 years, the concentration of nutrients in U.S. fruits and vegetables has been declining — by about 5% to 40%, according to researchers at the University of Texas. But the reason for those nutrient declines is where things get sketchy. What is the primary cause of the decline? Is our soil depleted? […]

Mushrooms, Health and Self-Care

paul stamets with a giant mushroom

Before I dive too far into this post, I want to point out that plucking up random mushrooms from your backyard and eating them is a really dumb idea. There are a growing number of known health benefits associated with our fungal friends, but there are plenty of reasons to exercise caution, the most obvious of which […]

A Permaculture Oasis: Visiting the Bullock’s Homestead

root cellar with wooden door

There’s something very special about the San Juan Islands in Washington State, and it’s no accident that it’s also where the Bullock’s chose to plant their roots. The Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead on Orcas Island is evidence that human beings are capable of great things. A few years ago, I spent a weekend at the Bullock’s […]

Lessons From the Farmhouse

Black and white photo of an old farmhouse

Growing up, I spent my school-years in Florida with my mom and my summers in Ohio with my dad. While those two experiences couldn’t have been more different, it’s where I learned that life is mean to be lived fully. The farmhouse on my family’s 145-acre farm in Kimbolton, OH, became my sanctuary during the […]