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Why You Need a Personal Brand

Living Upp's Stacy Fisher

“What’s with the chicken?” That’s the question I often hear when someone visits my website for the first time. My response? Because I like chickens. Because I love their playful, easy nature, and that they don’t over-complicate life. But it’s also because chickens so aptly represent my personal brand, which I’ve distilled down into two words: […]

Showing Up With Intention: An Interview with Wardrobe Stylist Lisa Fischer

Lisa Fischer Styling headshot

Do you have a personal brand? Is the way you’re “showing up” enabling you to project your unique inner truth? In this podcast, Lisa Fischer of Lisa Fischer Styling shines some light on how the process of establishing a personal brand is an act of self-care. To learn more about how to show up with […]

Choose Your Circles Wisely

Three women laughing

Whether we intend to or not, we emulate those around us. That’s why it’s so important to choose your circles wisely. Habits, mannerisms and behaviors are all contagious. In fact, Harvard researchers have found that even your risk for being overweight increases if those in your social network are obese as well. Those we accept […]

Modern Lifestyle Redesign with Jefre Outlaw

An orange sunset at Ambergris Caye, Belize

For Living Upp’s very first Conversations with Smart People interview, I asked Jefre Outlaw to share more about his experience with what he calls modern lifestyle design. Q: What prompted you to embrace the concept of modern lifestyle redesign, which eventually allowed you to realize your vision of being a world traveler? Jefre Outlaw: I […]