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heart-shaped froth on a cappucino

“How long have you been married, Bill?” asked the man in the ball cap. “Sixty-two years,” Bill replied. “To the same woman?!” the man in the hat asked as he chuckled and glanced over at the third man in the group. “Yeah, and nobody should ever be married that long,” Bill added, laughing. I laughed, […]

Top Self-Care Idea Lists of 2018

Have searched for “self-care ideas” lately? When I first published this article back in 2016, there were roughly 17,900,000 results on Google — today, there are 23,400,000. Can there really be that many more ideas? Probably. Self-care is limitless. By enlisting our creativity, we can come up with endless possibilities for taking good care of ourselves. Once […]

Learning the Art of Forgiveness with Brenda Reiss

Brenda Reiss, the forgiveness coach

Do you struggle with forgiveness? In this episode of Conversations with Smart People, I interviewed Brenda Reiss, a Forgiveness Coach in the Greater Seattle area who helps clients navigate the process of forgiveness. I don’t know about you, but this is a tough one for me. I mean, I understand the concept of forgiveness, but […]

Self-Care Activity List: 366 Ideas

8 Dimensions of Self-Care

Having trouble coming up with fun and interesting self-care ideas? Last year, I took on a self-care challenge. For each of the 366 days in 2016, I experimented with a new self-care activity and then blogged about it. What would you add to the list? Be creative and come up with your own bucket list of […]

Celebrating Moms with Leanne Kabat of Mamacon

headshot of Leanne Kabat of Mamacon in Seattle, WA

In this episode of Living Upp’s Conversations with Smart People, I interviewed Leanne Kabat of MamaConnects about how moms can invest in themselves so they can make a meaningful contribution to their families and communities. Q: What exactly is Mamacon, and how did you become involved with it? Leanne Kabat: MamaConnects is a community of moms celebrating […]

Self-Care Challenge (Day 243): Saying No

self-care coaching for better health

On day 243 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored saying no as an act of self-care. We always have a choice. How we spend our time, money and energy reflects our values, but sometimes it also reflects our ability (or inability) to set boundaries. Have you ever wanted to say no to someone or something, […]

Happy Parenting with Sheila Storrer

Sheila Storrer of Sheila Storrer coaching

When I started this Conversations with Smart People blog series last year, I wanted it to be a special place where I could share interesting stories about interesting people who are doing interesting things. I met Sheila Storrer a few weeks ago, and knew immediately that she was special. While I may not have any children of my […]

Self-Care Challenge (Day 184): Setting Boundaries

barbed wire fence with the coast of maui in the background

On day 184 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored setting boundaries as an act of self-care. This post relates to one of the more difficult topics I’ve written about to date–mostly because it has taken me some effort to find the silver lining. I do my best to not focus on the not-so-great things that happen in […]

Self-Care Challenge (Day 148): Self-Directing My Care

white iphone and cup of coffee

On day 148 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I self-directed my medical care. While there’s still some disagreement about the definition of self-care, it’s clear that it exists on several levels. On one end, there’s exclusive self-care, with no input or guidance from a medical professional. While some have suggested that the majority of health […]