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5 Tips for Planning Your Best Year Yet

The cover of The Self-Care Planner by Stacy Fisher

This is the year. This is your moment to do things differently. Getting a head start on your new year planning sets the stage for your entire year. It helps you stay focused on what’s most important and avoid distractions that keep you from making steady progress toward your goals. Here are 5 tips for […]

5 Things I’ll Do Differently at My Next Silent Retreat

pacific northwest forest overlooking a blue green lake

I decided to pull the plug after reading about the concept of silent retreats in an article in last month’s issue of the Seattle Met. The Cloud Mountain Retreat Center in Castle Rock, WA hosts silent retreats lasting as little as 2 days and as many as 27 days. Intriguing, I thought. I had already been contemplating the idea of taking […]