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Self-Care Activity List: 366 Ideas

8 Dimensions of Self-Care

Need some new self-care activity ideas? Last year, I took on a year-long self-care challenge., so for each of the 366 days of the 2016 leap year, I experimented with a new self-care activity and then blogged about it. Below you’ll find the full list of my self-care activities I experimented during the challenge. Is it […]

Self-Care is Multidimensional

Stacy Fisher's article on self-care in The Costco Connection

It was an incredible honor to be published in the January 2017 edition of The Costco Connection, where I asserted that self-care is multidimensional. Indeed, self-care is a powerful, yet often underutilized, tool that involves actions and behaviors that improve, restore, and maintain good health. Read Take {Self} Care: A multidimensional approach to healthcare Before […]

Self-Care Challenge (Day 311): Raking Leaves

Large leaf Maple leaves in the fall

On day 311 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I raked leaves. Raking leaves (or any form of yard work, for that matter) has become my substitute for meditation – a practice that I’ve not been able to completely fall in love with yet. I’m never quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing while I […]

Keeping Safe Food with Mary Angela Miller

KeepSafe Food

When it comes to protecting your plate from food-borne illnesses, Mary Angela Miller of Keep Safe Food is an authority. I first met her back in the early 2000’s, when I was just beginning my career as a dietitian. Since 1990, she has been ensuring the safety of patients and their loved ones at The Ohio State […]

Self-Care Challenge (Day 295): Making Vegan Clamless Chowder

Vegan Clam Chowder

On day 295 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I made a vegan clamless chowder. As much as I enjoy my husband’s company, I also enjoy the solitude that I experience when he is traveling. (I’m an introvert, people!) Not only is the quiet time vital for me, it also gives me a chance to experiment […]