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Self-Care Challenge (Day 185): Cleaning My Yoga Mat

purple yoga mat

On day 185 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I cleaned my yoga mat. Yoga mats can get downright filthy, especially if you tote yours around to various studios like I do. With that in mind, my self-care practice for the day was to clean my mat using a DIY lavender cleanser that I made. Soon after I […]

6 Reasons I’m Glad I Started Practicing Yoga

purple yoga mat

It’s been my desire to start practicing yoga more regularly. Not only does this act of self-care offer physical health benefits, but it also helps us experience more joy. And that’s why I decided to take a beginner’s yoga class. Sure, I’ve taken a yoga class or two over the years, but I never really […]

Choose Joy with Rebecca Butler

woman doing yoga poses

In this Conversations with Smart People interview, yoga instructor Rebecca Butler shares her optimism, positive energy, and candor. Choose Joy is her personal mantra–and it’s certainly contagious. Some might argue that joy is a lot like love. It isn’t something that just happens on its own, at least not consistently. It’s a conscious choice that takes […]