Top Self-Care Idea Lists of 2018

Have searched for “self-care ideas” lately? When I first published this article back in 2016, there were roughly 17,900,000 results on Google — today, there are 23,400,000. Can there really be that many more ideas?


Self-care is limitless. By enlisting our creativity, we can come up with endless possibilities for taking good care of ourselves. Once again, I’ve scoured the web to find the best of the best when it comes to self-care idea lists. Here’s what I found:

1. Living Upp still has the longest self-care activity list available on the web. In 2016, I completed a yearlong self-care challenge, and for 366 days straight (hello, leap year!), I tried out a new activity and then blogged about it. You can find the list of 366 self-care activities here.

2. Good Therapy has an exceptional list. And #10? What a great way to start the day!

3. Perfection Pending’s self-care list is geared toward busy moms who are “too tired for a girls’ night out.” (I can relate even without kids.) Here’s a sneak peek: “Replace every ‘I should….’ with ‘I can do if I feel like it, but I don’t have to.’

4. If you need a good laugh, Life After Tampons offers a playful take on self-care for women. (Buy any new underwear lately?)

5. New to the list is Joyous Health‘s list of 20 self-care activities. I love how they interviewed real people!

6. The Self-Compassion Project’s list reminds us to “spend less time on the internet.” I’m reminded of this as I add this link to my website…on the internet.

7. Travel Well Magazine offers a few self-care ideas as well. As difficult as #4 can be, sometimes it just needs to be done.

8. Caregiver Wellness has a lengthy list of 86 ideas. (After all, sometimes we really do just need a cookie.)

9. Inspire4Life’s list of 90 ideas focuses on self-care for moms, and I think we all struggle with “asking for what we need.”

10. Peachie Moms has some creative ideas as well. And as silly as it may be, it doesn’t get much better than #16!

11. Back to Her Roots offers tips for preventing the dreaded explosion into “an emotional puddle of stress.” (Although with regard to #3, an hour is never enough for me!)

12. Her Campus has a great list for college students. I’m sure I did #5 at one time…oh, to dream!

13. Breastfeeding Basics has a list of self-care ideas with new moms in mind.

14. The Monument Quilt has a great 1-pager. Who doesn’t love to teeter totter?

15. What’s Your Grief highlights some of the best self-care activities for those going through the grieving process. For example, #7 is “have a good cry.”

16. Abundance Tapestry lays out 70 ideas for self-care. Number 24 is a big one for me—clutter can be so distracting!

17. Inner Compass Designs lists 101 self-care ideas. Check out #49—sometimes we all need a change, right?

18. Fit Woman’s list is geared toward those who struggle with emotional eating. But #14, “eating predictably and regularly” is important for all of us.

I hope these lists have given you a few ideas for incorporating more self-care activities into your busy life.

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