What is Living Upp?

What is livingupp exactly? For starters, it’s knowing how to invest your time and energy so you can live up to your highest potential and bounce back from life’s heavy moments more quickly and easily. LivingUpp unites people with possibilities…for doing life differently, for creating more ease and better health, and for designing a life that’s in alignment with their values and lifestyle.

The 8 Dimensions of Self-Care is a practical framework that can be used on a daily basis to identify and prioritize your needs. This allows you to leverage your resources–time, energy and money–more efficiently and effectively.

Here’s an overview of LivingUpp’s 8 Dimensions of Self-Care:

The Systemic Dimension of Self-Care

Within the systemic dimension, LivingUpp means honoring your physical body with nourishing food, restful sleep, and regular physical activity. Because let’s face it: while the healthcare industry may have more advanced medical technologies and treatments, professionalized care isn’t getting any cheaper. A seemingly innocuous illness can destroy the financial security of an entire family, which is why it’s imperative that we reclaim ownership of our well-being.

How are you supporting your physical well-being? Are you managing existing health conditions to the best of your ability? Are you doing everything you can to improve or maintain your health?

The Emotive Dimension of Self-Care

Within the emotive dimension, LivingUpp means having healthy outlets for your emotions and giving yourself permission to feel them fully, rather than suppressing or ignoring them. It also means communicating your needs clearly and objectively, rather than falling into emotional reactivity.

How are you supporting your emotional well-being? Do you have healthy outlets for intense emotions?

The Luminescent Dimension of Self-Care

Within the luminescent dimension, LivingUpp means knowing who you are and how you want to experience your life, regardless of what other people have to say about it. It’s living in alignment with your unique values, strengths, beliefs, and personal brand.

How are you supporting your inner truth? What makes you unique? How do you describe your personal brand?

The Financial Dimension of Self-Care

Within the financial dimension, LivingUpp means knowing what your “enough” looks like and adjusting your lifestyle according to your resources. (Most of us live it the other way around.) It’s aiming for sufficiency and resourcefulness, rather than accumulation of possessions.

How are you supporting your financial well-being? How much does your life cost to live? Do you know your numbers?

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The Cognitive Dimension of Self-Care

Within the cognitive dimension, LivingUpp means understanding that your reality starts with your thoughts. It involves cultivating a positive mindset to maximize creative problem-solving, and it helps you recognize patterns so you can shift your focus to stay on track with your goals.

How are you supporting your mindset? Are your thoughts propelling you forward, or holding you back?

The Aptitudinal Dimension of Self-Care

Within the aptitudinal dimension, LivingUpp means enlisting your strengths to make a meaningful contribution to the world. It’s being able to enter a state of flow regularly while adding value to your community.

How are you supporting your purpose? Do you use your unique gifts on a daily basis?

The Relational Dimension of Self-Care

Within the relational dimension, LivingUpp means developing connections with others that are supportive and encouraging. It’s knowing when to say yes and how to say no. It’s allowing people to come in and out of your life without manipulation or resistance. It’s knowing how to both give and receive support without falling into a cycle of codependency.

How are you supporting the important relationships in your life? Is your inner circle adding value to your life, or is it time to weed the garden?

The Environmental Dimension of Self-Care

Within the environmental dimension, LivingUpp means being a good steward of the earth and respecting all life. It’s taking only what you need and doing what you can to leave the world better than you found it.

How are you supporting the world beyond your inner circle? Do your daily habits have a positive impact on your community? The world?

What I know for sure is that you are designed for greatness. You are unique. You are brilliant. And you have important gifts to share with the world. Are you living up to your highest potential? Do you know what you need to be your best?

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