When Leaving Is Really Arriving

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When I quit my corporate job, I jokingly said that I was taking a sabbatical to be a stay-at-home chicken mom. In a way, I guess that was true. I was indeed transitioning to something much better aligned with my personal brand. But the truth is, I needed to take some time off. I’d been overfunctioning for a long time, and I was also carrying a heavy secret that would later turn into a major mid-life unraveling. And while I thought I was leaving, I was really arriving.


But how did I know it was time to leave? As with so many things in life, sometimes we just come to a place where we know it’s time to move on. It comes from an inward place. My heart was the first to sense it, and by the time my inner whispers had turned into shouting pleas, I knew it was time.

You know that whole thing about trusting your intuition? Yeah, it’s real. Listen.

The truth is, sometimes you have to quit something to make room for new things. Sometimes you have to leave in order to arrive.

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Saying Goodbye

But the most difficult part about leaving was that I also had to leave an amazing team that I’d been blessed to have an opportunity to work with. I sent this final email to them in hopes that they’d know the impact they’ve had on my life.

Hello Dear Friends,

There are no words to fully express what my heart is feeling today. I am both excited about what the future holds, and saddened to be closing a chapter of my life that includes such an incredible group of talented individuals. Before I go, though, I want to share a few words that will hopefully serve to remind you just how amazing you are on a day that feels particularly challenging…

You are powerful beyond measure.
Seriously. Honestly. You are. You have totally surpassed my expectations of what I thought this team would be capable of when I accepted this role two years and 5 months ago, and your passion and dedication are the very reasons why this program has been a success. When Jen sent this video out to our team roughly 3 years ago, it gave me goose bumps. It still does today.

You are mentally tough.
I’ve never quite fully grasped the term resilience. I mean, I know it refers to our bounciness and the ability to deal with what life throws our way, but I’ve never really liked it that much. I much prefer mental toughness–maybe just because it sounds more fun–but either way, you are the essence of those words in so many ways. You are flexible, accommodating, service-oriented, determined, problem-solving individuals. You don’t sweat the small stuff. You roll with both change and resistance. You make adjustments when you need to. You see the bigger picture. I have never worked with a stronger team and I have never been more impressed by another group of women.

You are scary-smart.
The amount of knowledge that exists among you is frightening. All of you have differing areas of interest and passion, and you share that knowledge with one another constantly. I bet collectively, people could find health information more quickly by asking one of you than by searching the internet. Seriously.

You live your values and principles.
You walk the walk. You show people how it’s done. You sympathize when they struggle with the idea of trying new things. You give them courage to explore their potential to achieve their goals. You encourage them to keep trying (and keep trying and keep trying and…). You experience their frustrations with them. And in some cases you may be one of the only positive, supportive individuals in their lives.

You are models of gratitude.
Your gestures of gratitude do not go unnoticed. The kind notes you send to your teammates, the encouraging and supportive words you express to your participants, the way you do it with absolute authenticity…it’s a gift. It’s something that others don’t just see with their eyes, they feel it within them.

You are a blessing to the lives of others.
Having the opportunity to work with all of you has been both an honor and a blessing. I wish you all the best as you continue to grow in your careers and I know that you will do great things. You’ve just scratched the surface…


While leaving was bittersweet, arriving has been more beautiful than I ever imagined. The space I created allowed me to redesign my life to experience more ease and better health.

At the time we may not realize it, but sometimes leaving is really arriving.

Are you hearing similar whispers that it’s time to move on? Are you feeling an uncomfortable restlessness? Then maybe it’s time to begin arriving at your next chapter.

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