Who Pushes You?

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Is there someone in your life who pushes you? You know, someone who doesn’t accept your BS excuses or accept less from you because they know you’re capable of more? Mentors provide honest feedback and guidance when we need it the most, with the intention of propelling us toward our goals.

Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies of all time. I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences an odd sense of satisfaction when Matt Damon tells off the pretentious, smarty-pants MIT student in a bar. But more than that, the overall theme is what’s so moving. An unassuming have-not brilliantly solves complex mathematical problems that even the cool kid haves cannot, yet he struggles to break free from his self-limiting beliefs and actually use his gifts. And that’s where his mentor, played by Robin Williams, comes in, pushing Damon to move past his fears and design the life he’s destined to live.

The truth is, each of us possesses unique gifts, too.

And we can either choose to use those talents and skills, or ignore them altogether. That’s why we sometimes need a push from someone who has our best interests at heart from time to time.

Like friendships, mentorships are mutually beneficial relationships where both parties are giving and receiving something of value, like recognition, gratitude, or time. Mentorships are partnerships, and they offer some positive health benefits as well.

Who pushes you? Who encourages you to move closer to your calling and find new ways to use your strengths?

If you don’t already have a mentor, or someone who encourages you regularly, it might be time to evaluate your inner circle and make some changes.

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